Google Play’s Algorithm Takes A Step Further For Ranking Apps

Users searches not only on app stores to find apps, but in all possible ways with their apps, thus it’s necessary to start thinking of SEO for apps. App Store Optimization (ASO) is an innovative strategy specifically designed with the goal of monetizing enterprise apps. The rapid growth of mobile web search makes it crucial for mobile developers and marketers to explore its possibilities.

The growing traffic in data mobility is forcing app marketers to improve their search discovery on the app stores. With the growing competition on Google Play and iTunes, an increased number of consumers having access to mobile devices app owners should essentially follow new ways for optimizing app discovery.

The unending quest for mobile apps to increase their visibility and installs will be getting accomplished with various mobile search optimization. Having your app appear on the top results of both web search engines and app stores will increase your app’s profitability. In regard to the constantly changing user’s search habits, Google has updated their search algorithms. These algorithms don’t anymore consider app’s search ranking same as in web search.

With the growing need of enterprise apps to achieve improved visibility on app-specific search results, ASO experts discovered innovative optimization strategies.

App Name Optimization

Changing your app’s name to have more relevant and highly searched keywords is a simple and important way to boost your visibility. An appealing app name with maximum 30 characters is necessary for your app’s success in the present context.

App Description Optimization

Another ASO potential off-page strategy is the app description section where the content should be carefully placed by prioritizing relevant keywords that would rank up the search discovery at the same time convince users that the app matches to their expectations and need. Both Google Play and iTunes allows the app marketers with enough space for posting description, though great results come by providing users with what makes the app right for them. Relevant keywords specific to the app’s category and the consumer needs should be given in the description that too without over stuffing.

Visual Content Optimization

Your app’s app store page should include feature-rich yet standard visual content that would turn on users to install it. Visual content including app icon, screenshots of app promo video may not have any direct impact in optimizing search discovery but it is much significant in convincing users who get to find your app. The screenshots should be something that gives users a glance about your app and its functionality. The photos and videos should be minimal and straightforward so that it won’t confuse or disengage the users.

Ratings and Reviews

It is the app’s ratings and reviews that every potential user will check before installing it. There are many ignorant app owners who still seeks unethical agencies to buy app reviews or ratings. Rating and reviews also have an impact in optimizing search discovery as Google’s search algorithm identifies the need for giving deserving apps with improved ranking, not just for keyword quality and the number of downloads but for the user retention and high star ratings.

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