Mobile Apps turning out to be the global trade centre for businesses

App Store Optimization or ASO has realized to be an effective strategy for ensuring that enterprise apps are meeting their targets ranking on app stores – iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store. With the competition among mobile apps rising rapid, result-driven ASO services are being widely sought out by futuristic companies all over the world.

With the increased demand for businesses to improve their app search discovery on app stores, several agencies have come up by specializing in various ASO strategies.

Consumer Behavior Analysis

The success of an app’s entire ASO campaign can be influenced by the concerned ASO team analyzing and identifying the customer behaviour of a specific app or the business involved with it. This will help them to understand various factors that influence the way in which each and every ASO campaign addresses the audience.

Consumer behaviour analysis should optimally give the ASO team with insights on the language that the targeted audience use, their opinion about the app and keywords used by competitor apps. Having a consumer perspective towards the app is crucial for Best ASO Agency to succeed in their campaigns.

Maximizing Keywords

When it comes to optimizing apps with effective use of keywords, iTunes and Google Play should be approached individually as both of them having unique algorithms.

Itunes – iTunes app limits its keyword field to 100 characters. Its search parameters consider keywords all over from titles and descriptions to determine which search string to be shown up. ASO developers should keep this in mind to research out keywords that ensure organic traffic.

Google Play – Google Play’s algorithm approaches app optimizing in a way much similar to that in modern SEO. Google removes specified tags and runs the app’s description to extract relevant keywords. ASO teams should consider this to avoid using excess keywords instead include only relevant keywords.

Screenshots and Videos

Adding appealing app screenshots and YouTube video can increase the likeliness of convincing more visitors to install the app. Images or videos may not have a direct impact on optimizing search rankings but they are significant for driving downloads. The screenshots on the app store page should convey some of the biggest customer benefits of the app so that they can leave from installing and trying the app.

Localize your app listing

The optimization of an app shall be targeted at specific geographical regions so that consumer behaviour and language preference can be addressed. Another revolutionary advantage with localizing app listing is that the IP address of the user reviews can appear more authentic to the audience.

Traffic from On page Promotions

On page, promotions are one of the potential strategies in ASO services, that brings in utmost traffic to the app and thus to the business. Traffic to an app can be accelerated by building a strong online presence across various digital media with content including press releases, reviews and online advertisement investments as well.

Frequent Updation

With rapid innovations happening on mobile, customers will prefer to choose apps that are constantly improving with regular updates based on feedback. ASO should be an ongoing process for mobile apps to improve the keywords to be more customer-centric and of higher value. The app description should be updated with What’s New field that defines new updates of software or features.

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