Secrets to Marketing Your App the Right Way

With over 5 million apps on the App Store and Google Play combined, it is almost impossible for an app to stand out and be chosen by viewers. As the number of apps keeps growing every day, this challenge grows graver to app developers whose apps don’t have a significant number of downloads and have low rankings. To stand out, an app must not only be of good quality but must be marketed in such a way that viewers decide to download it the second they see it. In this article, we will cover some tips and tricks that boost the popularity of an app, from optimal keywords to even buy app reviews and iOS.

Did you know that about 63% of people find apps on the app market by just searching for them using a keyword? These days, it almost seems like most methods of marketing are just not enough to bring traffic to your app. Surprisingly, paid promotions, advertisements on every kind of media, and even word of mouth is not enough to get people buzzing about how great an app really is. Here are some tips to follow to get your app ranking high: 

  1. Optimize the title: including keywords in the title or name of your app is said to shoot up rankings and downloads. It’s an easy way to find an app and not too tough for app developers to include in their apps’ titles. If you notice popular apps like Google Maps and Uber Eats, we notice that their titles don’t just end there! They are shortly followed up by a few keywords, describing their purpose and what they are meant to do. Since viewers are quick to decide what they wish to download, ASO requires an app to involve keywords in its title.
  2. Optimize the description: in the case of Google Play store, every app has a description. If a viewer has clicked on your app to read the description, you are in luck because this is your chance to impress him! In this section, it’s important to keep the message of your app crisp and simple. Some tips that can be followed here is to focus on the first and last line and keeping the description organized and clean, which can lead to a better conversion rate.
  3. Optimizing the visuals: ever heard of the saying, “A good first impression can work wonders”? ASO pretty much preaches this day in and out, demanding apps to have creatively designed logos, screenshots, graphics, and an impressive user interface. When apps follow an aesthetic or are just simply pleasing to the eye, it really can work wonders. Optimizing visuals can really boost the conversion rate and also makes users happy.
  4. Reviews and ratings: people are automatically attracted to things of good quality. Some findings show that star ratings and reviews are important factors that influence a visitor to download an app. A good rating or review can change the mind of visitors and can them make them want to give the app a shot. An issue new apps face is not having enough reviews and ratings. These apps must find the perfect time to ask for one, which is usually after the user has had enough time to experience most of the features of the apps. An alternative to this is to buy android app reviews and iOS, where app reviews are bought by the creator or marketer.
  5. Know who you’re competing with: it’s important to keep competitors close, as it acts as a measure of comparison. Knowing what has and hasn’t worked out for them is a way of learning, that can be used to take the right steps and decisions when it comes to the creation of designs, introducing new updates of the app and so much more.

We admit it, it is tough to stand out in a crowd of 5 million! Every app is unique in its ways and may require a unique approach to optimize it as well. Regardless of whether you have the most attractive logo or even buy installs Android and iOS, it takes several days of continuous testing and experimentation to achieve an optimized app, that will stand out from the rest. Above all these tips, we suggest app developers and creators take their time in developing and conceptualizing their apps, to show the rest of the world the value and quality they see in it.

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