The Key Elements of ASO

Imagine you are just about to create an app, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions related to it. Like, what words best describe your app and who is the app created for. You will also have to figure out who your competitors are, how you can compete with them, and be different from them. Currently, there are 2.2 iOS apps and 2.8 Android apps that are easily available to everyone with a smartphone or tablet. Even though the market is so vast with about 5 million options to choose from, how is that some apps are left unnoticed? In cases like this, it’s mostly because the apps have not been optimized and must look into the direction of app store optimization (ASO). 

ASO is a marketing technique used to ensure that an app gains high rankings amongst others, that in turn increases the traffic directed towards that app. In other words, ASO helps an app to get to the top of the search list in order to expand its user base. It is also popularly called as SEO in the field of mobile marketing. In this article, let’s walk through the goals and factors that top ASO companies practice that will optimize any app. Before we get a little more into the subject, it’s important to know what ASO is trying to achieve with its many marketing strategies backed with tons of data and statistics. Here are some key ASO goals to keep in mind:

  • More app visibility
  • Increased app traffic
  • Higher downloads 
  • Positive reviews 

To summarise, one can say that the goals of ASO are to be discoverable on the search and to make use of those keywords that direct a crowd to your app. In order to realise these goals, ASO agencies formulate many strategies and carefully piece them together that result in a better and optimized version of an app’s previous self. Let us see which features are focused on and are optimized. 

  • App name: it’s important that the name of your app reflects the words that describe it in the form of keywords. Using this technique is very effective that can boost visibility. 
  • App Keywords: This stage of ASO involves research around the keywords that are relevant to your app.  It is important to get them right in order to be discoverable by your potential users. A useful practice is to update your keywords often in order to stay updated to current market trends surrounding your app. 
  • Reviews and Ratings: this element of the app are viewed as an area of trust, based on which viewers will decide whether the app is worth downloading.  Good reviews and ratings are vital for an app to thrive and get high rankings in the app market whereas a bad rating can chase away potential users. Also, an updated app is most likely to receive shining ratings and reviews from its users, as compared to outdated and slow working apps. 
  • App Description: a person visiting your app’s page decides to download it in about 4-6 seconds. A very small percentage of viewers actually take their time to read the description and check the reviews. The description box is where your app must shine! It’s best to keep the description straightforward and to the point. Benefits and features must also be added to give viewers a good reason to download it. Keywords play a vital role in the description box and must not be forgotten. 
  • App Icon: recommended by all top ASO companies, a sleek, attractive and eye-catching icon that reflects your brand, for your app, can impress those who view it. This leads them to further download it. 
  • App Demo Video: this an interactive way to show your viewers what your app is all about. Your video can include the various features the app has, the many functions it can perform and its other details that impress your viewers. 
  • App Screenshots: this section of your app’s page is another visual representation of what viewers will get out of the app if they download it. A good practice while presenting your app’s screenshots is to label the various parts and functions it contains. 


Take your time to clearly understand your vision and channel that into creating your app. There’s no rush! Make your app as unique as possible and others will see the value you see in it, too. It’s important to start ASO as soon as you are ready to release the app in order to make high rankings. Working with the top ASO companies can help you achieve that in a short span of time, leaving you to continue working and updating your app to push out quality content and services. 

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