UPS Bhai – What Works & Areas of Improvement


I have used UPS Bhai for 4 or 5 years that’s also how long I’ve been a pro member. I have never really had any issues with the site ever. The website works fine I’m on an iPhone 8 Plus works perfectly. I never figured out the car parts thing so no answer for those issues. But other then that the site works 100%. I just brought a massimo trolley from it.

Also if I may say UPS Bhai has always been kind to me & I have never had an issue with anything with UPS Bhai. Aside from them throwing a package at my dog & she ripping it to pieces but they sorted it out & all is good. We got a luminous regalia 1530 and got that in out kid’s room and he had never been this happy.

So I give the site 5 stars & I give UPS Bhai 5 stars more company’s need to be like them.

I love UPS Bhai! I can find affordable items for my family and self! UPS Bhai offers prime which offers so much. Same day shipping. And when you do have an issue You can Call them or Email them or just chat whatever is easier for you! They don’t try to haggle with you they seem to try to make us happy as quickly as possible! My only issue is sometimes I can’t understand the person that’s working in that dept and we should definitely be able to understand the person we’re trying to explain our issue to! Whichever batteries or ups or inverters you need, you can get it without getting up from where you are.

About the Deals

There are so many great deal on everything with great quality. I can find pretty much any battery type on UPS Bhai!

I was originally very excited and happy about supporting UPS Bhai and purchasing their UPS Bhai premium inverter set – this was bit different than my usual model massimo century battery . However, after multiple attempts, 3 hours later, and after deregistering and re-registering everything, I finally gave up. Then I called up UPS bhai that sent me a support guy in no time, and he helped me out on the fly.


So, I love UPS Bhai, but I have a couple of suggestions to improve the product

1. UPS Bhai should automatically calculate the cost of your wishlist, whether you buy it or not. (I’m constantly switching between calculator and UPS Bhai just to add up my wishlist!)

2. You should be able to filter in more than one criteria. (Ex: filter for both customer review and price low to high.)

Multiple Carts
There should be an option to have multiple carts, like let’s be real imagine you could have 4 carts. 1 cart would be for your wishlist and slowly buy the things, 2nd cart would be for like a ups list, 3rd cart would be for building your own inverter, and the last cart would be for your child’s room. In addition to it, it’d be ideal if they had one more cart. For example; for exide imst1500. It would be extremely useful if you could have multiple carts. Without having to erase your cart just, add new cart and have 2 carts. I think it would be an amazing idea.


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